Minutes from OLPNA meeting 11/21/2013

KPD Officer Wilson reported to the group that crime in our neighborhood was down slightly from last month. Theft has increased north of I-640. An arrest was made this week and the suspect was being charged with 39 burglaries. Officer Wilson also alerted the group about a two person team in the area. One person approaches the front of the house and distracts the occupant with some story while the second person enters the rear of the house taking valuables. Keep your doors locked and never let anybody in that you don’t know. If somebody claims they need to use the phone, offer to call for them (if you want to) but DO NOT let anybody in your house to use the phone.

Bill Hutton reported that the Oakwood School project is back on track after a delay due to some State Fire Marshal issue. Several neighbors discussed the possibility of having community gardens in the neighborhood. Next meeting will be our Holiday Social, see you @ 6:30pm Thursday, December 19th.